1&1 Internet. Rated as the best German internet provider in several consumer magazine tests in 2019 1&1 Internet is a very good option to sign up with.. 1&1 offers very fast internet via glass fiber as well as options for users that have their focus on a good deal rather than the fastest internet.

GERMAN INTERNET SPEEDTEST/LIVE GERMAN WIFI SPEED … Jun 25, 2018 Speed test by FIREPROBE ® - how fast is your Internet? Internet Speed Test - test your Internet connection speed (download, upload) and quality (ping, jitter) using the most accurate HTML5 tool in any web browser. This test is suitable for fixed (aDSL, cable, fiber, satellite) and mobile (2G, 3G, 4G LTE, 5G) connection technology.

Sep 14, 2018

Back in the days (which in Germany means a few years ago), the fastest internet connection you could get was via DSL, and a maximum speed of 16Mbit/s DSL was your best pick for a long time. Nowadays many internet service providers offer the option to have internet via cable or glass fibre . Mar 25, 2020 · The term “broadband” has largely been replaced by “high-speed internet,” but this carries the same false-equivalency as referring to “bandwidth” as “internet speed.” As internet connection technology improved, particularly in the 1990s, it allowed the transmission of information over a much larger variety of frequencies. Internet speed on mobile networks in Germany has declined in 2019 compared with the previous year, according to a recent survey of 65,000 users. The average speed dropped from 43.7 Mbps to 28.1 Mbps on Deutsche Telekom’s network, while it fell from 36.4 Mbps to 21.1 Mbps on Vodafone’s.

DSL was introduced in Germany by Deutsche Telekom on July 1, 1999 under the brand name T-DSL, with 768 kbit/s downstream and 128 kbit/s upstream. T-DSL speeds were increased by Deutsche Telekom to 1536/192 kbit/s upstream/downstream in September 2002, 3072/384 kbit/s in April 2004, and 6016/576 kbit/s in mid-2005.

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