DathoVPN (free version) download for PC

Datho VPN for KODI I have registered with Datho, have the password . I want to try the Free version before committing to a subscription. Problem is I can't get it to work. I have contacted their support, but no reply. Details are. Datho VPN 0.9.21. On settings I have set the VPN to Datho, operating system Linux, port 1194. Datho VPN for XBMC for Android - APK Download Sep 11, 2014 DathoVPN (free version) download for PC DathoVPN is a dedicated VPN add-on designed for xBMc/Kodi. The program allows you to stream live sports, watch movies and TV shows from anywhere in the world without leaving XBMC/Kodi client. You can choose from OpenVPN(UDP and TCP), PPTP and L2TP VPN protocols.

Datho VPN for KODI

DAT OnBoard What’s new in DAT OnBoard. Brokers are now able to choose whether or not to display the DAT default ‘Welcome’ message (login/registration screens), ‘Contracts’ (Contracts section) and ‘Documents’ (Documents section) messages to carriers by toggling on or off the messages from within the Broker Settings screens.

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