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Fancy Cache can also speed up your hard drives, but things might get worse once you try copying files which are larger than the cache size, set for your traditional hard drive in fancy cache. This happens because, once the allocated cache memory in the ram has been filled up, the stored data needs to be transferred to the hard drive.

[Under 5 Minutes] How to Overclock RAM DDR4 Fast (2020) If you check the RAM speed you will see that the RAM is locked at a certain frequency.it is not fully utilizing that speed. To increase that speed you need to overclock the ram. There are many advantages of RAM overclocking .Some of the advantages are more FPS(Frames Per Second) in games, more stable while multitasking etc. 10 easy ways to speed up Windows 10 - CNET May 31, 2017

May 31, 2017

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