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aix lsof 명령어 : 네이버 블로그 hostmibd 2097572 root 4u IPv6 0xf10005000008d3b8 0t0 TCP loopback:32779->loopback:filenet-tms (ESTABLISHED) aixmibd 2163110 root 13u IPv6 0xf10005000092ebb8 0t0 TCP loopback:filenet-rpc->loopback:filenet-tms (ESTABLISHED) * 특정 호스트 IP에 대한 접속 확인 [aix1:root] /var/adm > lsof … NMAP - OS Fingerprinting Ports Used in LANDesk Dec 13, 2019 tcp port 32767,udp port 32767,udp tcp 32767 description The closest known UDP ports before 32767 port :32768 (Filenet TMS), 32768 (Filenet TMS), 32769 (Filenet RPC), 32769 (Filenet RPC), 32770 (Filenet NCH), In computer networking, the protocols of the Transport Layer of the Internet Protocol Suite, most notably the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and the User Datagram Protocol (UDP), http - Unable to use PUT method on server seemingly

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http - Unable to use PUT method on server seemingly

UDP 32768 - Port Protocol Information and Warning!

UDP 32768 - Port Protocol Information and Warning! Protocol / Name: filenet-tms; Port Description: Filenet TMS; Virus / Trojan: No Tip! Use our free Digital Footprint and Firewall Test to help verify you are not infected. Side note: UDP port 32768 uses the Datagram Protocol, a communications protocol for the Internet network layer, … NVD - CVE-2016-7435 Current Description. The (1) SCTC_REFRESH_EXPORT_TAB_COMP, (2) SCTC_REFRESH_CHECK_ENV, and (3) SCTC_TMS_MAINTAIN_ALOG functions in the SCTC subpackage in SAP Netweaver 7.40 SP 12 allow remote authenticated users with certain permissions to execute arbitrary commands via vectors involving a CALL 'SYSTEM' statement, aka SAP Security Note 2260344. forelsket & security: solving Kioptrix Level 1 Kioptrix level's were designed by one of the guy's over at exploit-db and offsec. During my googling sessions, I noticed that there were 3-4 blog posts regarding this level, but I figure, since I'll be doing posts of all his levels, for completions sake I'll post this rather simple level up. Well known ports, 32000 to 32999 - Network Sorcery